2021 is speeding by and one things all of the UK needs to prioritise is saving money. One in 6 people in the UK have no savings, whilst 26% to the Yorkshire Banking Society their savings would only last them a month.

One area everyone could probably save some money is when it comes to dating. Less splurging on situationships and more saving for future stable relationships. More letting things pan out and seeing if they stand the test of time. Reflect on past relationships, do you have any spending regrets? Separate your feelings from the person and simply consider the finances. Were you behaving financially wise at the time?

Remember, someone wanting you to spend way outside your financial bracket is a red flag. Less dating yourself into debt and insecurity. More mindsets which lead to great stability and long-lasting results.

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Virtual Dates

Virtual dates are a great way to save money this quarantine whilst dating. Especially in the UK, where we are currently experiencing our third national lockdown. Couples living apart and those who are dating still seek to keep the spark alive. Listed below are a few ideas

  1. Simple conversation, short and sweet
  2. Set questions, maybe google a list which lets you get to know someone better
  3. Eat dinner together, maybe you could follow the same recipe
  4. Draw together, let your artist side free
  5. Work out together, might be harder to arrange but cute nonetheless

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I don’t understand how important it is to not allow your financial goals to fall to the wayside simply because you’re interested in a person. Even worse to allow yourself to become destitute trying to impress a person.

Are you paying off your debts? Are you investing in stocks or bonds? Are you reaping financial success from a hobby which compliments your salary? Are you living pay check to pay check? Do you frequently experience worries as to how you will pay the rent? Are you reliant on pay day loans? Do you live in your overdraft?

Be realistic with yourself, and then consider how much money you can really dedicate to romance. If you are secure and answered yes to a number of these questions, then why not check out Devon singles. With lots of beautiful outdoor scenery. It will be a great place for local singles. Devon dating is about meaningful relationships, so ensuring you are in the right place before taking the plunge back into dating aids everyone in the process.

Compounding debt with no plans for today or tomorrow should be a red flag. Someone who is ignoring their debt and refusing to make the hours needed to pay it off is complicit in their situation unless, there is something (e.g. disability, caring duties etc.) impeding them. Someone who is restraining themselves to change the tide shows the sort of perseverance needed to face relationship problems.

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Don’t send money

Whilst this post is about how to save money, our last post focused on how to avoid an array of modern dating scammers. This ties in with that. Before you have gotten to know someone, don’t be so inclined to send them money. For a small few in the world, faking interest in order to reap financial gain is a ‘ethical’ business model. If you think you may be falling prey to this sort of a scam, open up in a close friend/family member.

Another slightly altered version of this scam is faking interest, then pushing their product or business for you to purchase. Someone local is less likely to do this than someone international as they don’t want to be embarrassed in public.

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Drinks First

When you are able to safely meet someone, it is probably best to go for drinks first. This way, rather than sitting at dinner and having nothing to talk about, you get to test the waters early. Coffee is cheaper than dinner. This is also another reason it’s always better to date locally, you can be flexible with the time and always know home isn’t more than an hour away. Even if it goes bad, you’re home quickly and in bed before you know it.

Avoid Splurging

You now know you can save and sit through boredom for excessively long periods of time. Kudos. You’re human, you could always do it. It’s just with a plethora of options and distractions you ended up constantly being entertained or frustrated for short durations of time. Entertaining here, entertaining there, entertaining everywhere. Maybe some of these short term changes will follow you into the future. It’s very simple, less spending to impress, and less buying into proxy marketing schemes designed as ‘dating prospects’.

This isn’t to say you can’t spend your hard earned cash, no. The UK is in need of an economic boost, but in order to save money this year. Maybe, a little restraint, for a little longer won’t hurt.

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