The Sociological Mail was launched on the 25th of July 2017, seeking to aid development of the Sociological Imagination through the dissemination of Sociological information. In the 3 years since our conception, we have grown. But there is still a LONG way to go. We have a range of articles, videos, and comics exploring numerous Sociological topics but there is still some way to go.

Made up of a consortium writers from all walks of life. The contributors seek to discuss topics old and new sparking debate, ideology change and in rare cases dissent.

We still yearn to be a fully fledged non-governmental organisation (NGO) giving back a large percentage to the community. We want to make our workshops and training courses accessible to all, we still aren’t there yet.

Current Climate

With recent turn of events particularly COVID-19, The onset of global recessions, and widespread job in security. It has come a time that the Sociological called upon its audience for funds.

In the three years since conception in 2017. All funds have accumulated by workshops, training courses and advertisement. Sadly, due to changing times some of these avenues are no longer viable.

The Founder and editor-in-chief Shaneka Knight has pushed on throughout these difficult time’s. Since August, 2019 she has distributed food from her house to those in need. This work will continue regardless of how much money is raised.

Where the Money WILL Go (Financial Goals)

1) Sponsoring Sociological Articles & Research for the Website

2) Creating Sociological videos to aid better dissemination of Theory/information

3) Hiring personnel to manage admin

4) Copyright and Trademarks for future protections

5) The Creation of a Sociological Essay writing competition where the top 3 winners are paid for their contributions (£500/£250/£100) respectively.

Our current plan is to get to £3000 which will make the goals set out above achievable.