Nothing Ventured

Nothing Gained.

The Sociological Mail was launched on the 25th of July 2017, seeking to aid the development of each individual’s Sociological Imagination. How do we do this? Simply, through the dissemination of Sociological works. Regardless of the media, we are interested! 

Made up of a consortium of writers from all walks of life. The contributors seek to discuss topics old and new, sparking debate.

In the future, who knows what we will become? But we know we had done it in the first place! Often time, the first step is the most difficult, but this blog is now 5 years old! It is time to develop in its own right.

Do check the Upcoming Projects page, where you can examine what is taking place.

Our overarching name is The Sociological. It so far comprises a Mail, a Tweeter, a Pinterest, a Facebook, a Youtube, Instagram and we had a Google+ Profile, but the platform has closed!

Here at The Sociological Mail, we respect everyone’s opinion. Whilst all may not advocate Free Speech. We are believers in the doctrine that everyone develops at their own pace. We cannot force you to be understanding, but understand we do this for people we will never see. Whilst one article may not be for you, another may. Therefore, we kindly ask you to respect our contributors. As we respect and honour your support and feedback.


Constantly contribute to development of the Sociological Imagination

Disseminate Sociological information worldwide

Provide Sociological solutions to issues

Write articles which aid social cohesion

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