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The Beginning of Covid-19

In December 2019, the first cases of coronavirus became present in Wuhan China. Doctors there began to see patients coming in, with what they deemed to be a new form of pneumonia or the return of Sars. These doctors claims were first suppressed, before verification and Wuhan became the first of many cities around the world to lockdown.

What is COVID-19/Coronavirus? Both terms refer to the same thing is a contagious respiratory and vascular disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). Whilst some individuals show no symptoms, others experience a fever, cough, fatigue, loss of smell and taste etc.

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Covid-19 & The UK

The UK government made it clear that they were aware of the virus January 2020, and recent evidence may show that the virus actually began killing people in January.

At the end of March, the UK lockdown began, in June some of the restrictions were eased, and other programs began which aimed to restart the economy. Eat Out to Help Out, etc. By September the rate of infection had begun to rise again, and in early November the UK was back in lockdown. Yorkshire dating site is just one of many British sites which have noticed an uptake in profile creations.

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Covid-19 & Dating in the UK

Initially the government actually introduced guidelines which made it difficult for partners who were not living together to facilitate a sexual relationship. Unlike are American counterparts, we did not recommend using masks during sex or trying to put a wall between two people (????). It is presumed they meant ‘glory hole’.

However these seem to have been pushed to the side lines in light of the potential that COVID-19 may actually be present in the western world until 2022.

Therefore individuals have now began looking at alternatives. The Sun found that 33% of singles are currently looking for new romantic opportunities, this may be a good time to consider British alternatives such as dating agency Yorkshire.

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Dating tips

Date Locally

Whilst some platforms such as tinder have a passport, allowing you to access other singles all over the globe. In a situation where a deadly virus is present that is not useful, but slightly useless when so many countries are put in place travel bans. So knowing this, search locally, use local sites.

Be Safe

Just because you are meeting somebody from a dating site locally doesn’t mean you have to ignore all of the rules and guidelines which have been put in place to keep you safe. Try to distance from other people, it may be best to go to a park, and a mask wouldn’t hurt.

Enjoy the process

Before you may have been able to select a date and then just go out with the person. Now everybody has to be extra vigilant, especially if you were exposed to somebody who had/has the virus. Cut people some slack maybe opt for a video call and therefore don’t be upset if somebody suddenly has to change plans because they have to isolate or keep those around them safe.

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