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The Final Countdown to Dating in Tayside

Advertisements Dundee from above | Source: Zack Davidson Tayside was one of 9 Scottish regions until the early 1990’s when it was renamed River Tay. With a population just under 500,000 the area is made up of Dundee, Agnus, Perth ...

How to save money whilst dating

Advertisements 2021 is speeding by and one things all of the UK needs to prioritise is saving money. One in 6 people in the UK have no savings, whilst 26% to the Yorkshire Banking Society their savings would only last ...

How to host a Virtual Date

Advertisements 2020 wasn’t exactly the year anyone was expecting. Reports now show that the United Kingdom (UK) may have experienced Coronavirus, otherwise known as Covid-19 deaths as early as January. By late March, the country was thrown into its first ...