2020 wasn’t exactly the year anyone was expecting. Reports now show that the United Kingdom (UK) may have experienced Coronavirus, otherwise known as Covid-19 deaths as early as January. By late March, the country was thrown into its first lockdown. As summer approached it looked as though life would go on as normal and schemes such as Eat out to Help Out were launched. Sadly, these government initiatives seemed to make the public health crisis worse.

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In one year, the government went from austerity to fiscal policy. A big change. Another realm of life to change has also been dating. Now more than ever, individuals are deterred from meeting and so new realms of getting know people have developed. Enter stage Virtual Dates.

Virtual Dates are basically dates facilitated over zoom, facetime, WhatsApp video, anything. The realm truly keeps widening. So, this post is going to presume you are already dating someone. If not, potentially you may benefit from accessing Hertfordshire dating, a great place for Hertfordshire singles to meet and message. Then once you have met someone you can set up a Virtual Date! Bingo.

Man on what could be a Virtual Date | Source: Austin Distel

How to host a Virtual Date

Set a time

No Virtual date will be complete without an other half to partake on the actual date. So the first thing you need to do is agree on a time with the other person.

Suggestion to get a date: ‘Could we schedule a video date for some time this week?

Clear the space/get prepared

Don’t slack just because it’s a video call, you still want to make a good impression. Put some effort into you appearance. Also, turn on your video software and see how you look. This way you can get your camera positioned perfectly. The more comfortable you feel the better it will go.

Source: Aaron Burden

Prepare some questions

Obviously, this isn’t supposed to be an interview. But it could be your first, and last video call if the conversation is super awkward. Do a quick mental run through of some of the topics you want to cover and think of some good conversation guiders.

‘What were your career plans prior to covid-19?’

‘What shows have you binge watched?’

‘Where should we go after this?’


You want to feel wanted and so does the other person so drop the front and engage in some flirting.


Fake some laughter at some rubbish jokes, it doesn’t hurt. Maybe after a few months they’re kind of rusty. If you’re feeling a bit awkward, that’s okay. Fake the confidence, it’s not going to go on forever. See it as a form of exercise, being able to withstand situations you aren’t completely comfortable in.


Surprise, surprise, it will get easier and you’ll get better with time.

Hopefully, this post has shown that the end of the lockdown situation will come soon, so there is a good argument for investing in your relationships. Don’t hesitate to let me know how your virtual dates go 🙂 and good luck searching for love!

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