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Jacksonville | A Short History

Located in America, Jacksonville experienced most of its British colonial growth in the late 18th century. Its history and development is largely linked to its location and climate. It is worth stating, the town is not the birthplace of Michael Jackson.

The long history of Jacksonville can not be summarised here but know that this city supported both the Union and Confederate at different times. Experienced economic devastation due to the US Civil War. In 1901, more than 2000+ buildings burnt to the ground. But in 2020, the city is still very much alive, with a population just under 1 million in 2018.

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Jacksonville & The Coronavirus

Jacksonville is located within Florida. Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic Florida has nearly reached 1 million cases. So it goes without saying that Jacksonville has also affected.

A few days ago on Thanksgiving Jacksonville Beaches were empty, an anomaly for this time of the year. It has also not gone unnoticed that wedding services have been overwhelmingly called off with many couples heartbroken due to travel bans. But what is the current situation for singles in Jacksonville.

Jacksonville & Dating

For those who are single, dating in Jacksonville wouldn’t have been easy in 2020. Before March 2020 it was simple, you downloaded an app, or created a profile on a website. You honed the profile to make it as attractive as possible, you matched with people, talked, met up, assessed the situation, decide to continue. Rinse repeat. But that was before Coronavirus.

Coronavirus, otherwise known as Covid-19 has changed the dating market in Jacksonville. Florida was one of the most affected places in the world.

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Tips for dating in Jacksonville

Jacksonville personals

Personals are one way to connect with people for dates. Within the personal, you can let the other person know what you’re looking for! Jacksonville personals provide a new way of dating, utilising features old to the internet.

Love is blooming In Jacksonville | Source: Debby Hudson

Have fun with it

Also I think you took it too much pressure on themselves and others. You can break this trend by just proceeding with a more fun loving approach. No one ways to bring a ball of darkness into their lives so try and be a ray of sunshine.

Go for a walk in the park

Jacksonville has one of the largest park systems in the nation. This means that there are places all over town to get out and enjoy some sunshine together. Take a walk through some of the gardens or bring the dogs along for a walk. At night, consider heading down to St. John’s River for several different dining options and don’t forget to take some time to stand together by the Friendship Fountain. Getting fit doesn’t hurt and you’ll also become a friendly face around town.

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