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Edinburgh an old city, famous for its beautiful stone walls, and popular hiking trails. I’m sure Arthurs Seat will be very popular over the next few months especially now the sun is out. And, thankfully, being blown of the top is less likely to take place. The first, and last time I went to Edinburgh was for a romantic weekend. With international travel halted this summer, potentially Airbnb’s/hotels will be overrun with couples making up for lost time. Towards the end of this post, we will examine what you and your spouse could get up to in Scotland’s capital city.

Dating hasn’t been easy

Like the rest of the UK, Edinburgh has had to adhere to government guidelines, though, it could be argued the Scottish guidelines have been more stringent. Those who have been trying to make the most of Edinburgh Dating, especially the student population, had to make difficult decisions. Such as should I go home? Those who were bound to the city found it best to stay home, so we saw new alternatives arise. Virtual dates, walks in the park, phone calls, all became the go to. This is comparatively different to the UKs old dating market which was much more heavily focused upon dinner, Netflix and chill, and meeting at least a few people.

Currently, Edinburgh is waiting to ease out of lockdown. The permits for outdoor spaces have been waived in some places, the fringe will be taking place, and Edinburgh castle is getting ready to reopen. Soon, you will be able to go onto an Edinburgh Dating Site, and arrange an in person date!

Date Ideas For Those in/surrounding Edinburgh

Dunbars Close Gardens

Still open during quarantine. These recreated 17th century gardens could prove to be the best setting for a romantic date. Dinner after would complete the mood.

Arthur’s Seat

You don’t have to climb the whole thing obviously. But remember one part of a relationship is creating valuable memories to be looked back on. So why not attempt this some time? Probably not a first date idea.

Bike Ride

This could alternately be a walk, or jog for those healthy pairs. Pick a scenic route, there are many routes that could be sought online. Victoria Street is very scenic for newcomers to the city. The Water of Leith is a less explored route for people who are familiar with Edinburgh.

Dr Neils Garden

I know! Another garden and outdoor activity. This is just to keep everyone safe. Outdoor venues will still be safer this summer.

Outdoor Cinema

If you have a car you may be able to drive into Edinburgh airport to watch a flick. Filmhouse and Edinburgh Zoo may also do some outdoor cinema events.

Two cinema tickets | Source: Assem G

If you’re located in Edinburgh. Your great city is about to come back to life.

If we missed out on any top post Covid, but still coronavirus conscious dating tips for summer 2021 let us know!

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