What will dating look like in 2021?


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What will dating look like in 2021?

Already, in late 2020, the United Kingdom (UK) is facing stagnation in a number of industries (dating, hospitality, events, etc) due to a global pandemic. When will things begin moving again and will the country truly recover economically? The answers to these questions many economists and consultants cannot provide. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t consider what the future may bring. 

The UK began experiencing deaths associated to Covid-19, otherwise known as Coronavirus in January 2020. By late March, the country was put into lockdown. Other countries such as China and Italy had been put into lockdown before. It was a dystopian like time, if you would have asked much of the population whether they thought that this situation would proceed until 2021 they would’ve probably said no. 

By June, much of the country was exiting the lockdown, and the government was attempting to kickstart the economy through initiatives such as Eat Out to Help Out.

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  • In September, much of the country was experiencing higher contraction rates from the virus. By October, there were talks of a lockdown. Then Boris Johson announced the whole country would go into lockdown for the duration of November. We are at the end of November now. If you were in Yorkshire dating, consider what the future has to bring, what would you think?

    What will dating look like in 2021?

    The Good

    Apps and websites

    Part of the good news is apps and websites were still function and serve their purpose. You will still be able to talk to people via the Internet and potentially this will lead to greater dating opportunities in the future. You are also less likely to connect with people who are just in the area on a sporadic holiday now. 

    Video Chats

    Now more than ever video chats are being used as a way to connect your professional, friendly, and romantic lives. Rather than plan an in real life date, you can schedule a video chat which is only reliant upon Internet connection. Think of this is an easier way to filter out catfishes.

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    The Bad

    Everlasting lockdown

    We have no idea when the lockdown will end, therefore we actually have no idea when we will be able to see potential romantic partners or spouses. Doesn’t matter how casual the relationship is. Will you be okay if this continues for two years for example.

    Reluctance to meet 

    Covid 19 is a very dangerous respiratory disease virus,. It goes without saying that for now and potentially for maybe even two years in the future individuals may be reluctant to meet people who they don’t see a long-term relationship with. It would be best not to take this sort of thing to heart, you have no idea whether the person had to care for somebody during the pandemic or whether they lost someone due to the virus or some other circumstance. 

    Basically, we have no idea when we will be able to date in the fashion that we did pre-COVID-19. When you date in the future, it’s best to take this into consideration. Hopefully, this article has shown that there will be an avenue for dating once again, but no one is sure how it will pan out.

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