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Swinging, the sexual practice, not the dance. Is an act whereby singles, partners, and groups engage in sexual activity, sharing one and other for recreational purposes. The people may know each other well, partially, or not at all. But all engage to some extent e.g. masturbation, penetration, watching etc.

Swinging is also referred to as wife swapping, husband swapping or partner swapping according to Wikipedia.

The phenomenon of swinging, its discussion and participation is said to have been present throughout societies back to the Ancient Greeks. For relevancy purposes, in this article we are more interested in the modern manifestations of the activity. In particular from the 1960s until now.

A short history of Swinging from the 1960s

Swinging, and it’s participation increased in the Western world from the 1960s, and the dawn of the Sexual Revolution. The Sexual Revolution is also seen as a time of Sexual Liberation, where traditional sexual codes were challenged in the United States, and the United Kingdom.

The availability of the contraceptive pill made it safer for women to have sex with multiple men without the fear of getting pregnant. Whilst free love challenged the taboo that people should only have one sexual partner. Certain Gurus even claimed group sex and swinging would aid in reaching ‘Nirvana’.

The 70s have often been referred to as the Swinging 70s. The sexual practice of swinging was explored as openly and widely as in the 60s. But it was still explored, often time at the fringes of society in more alternative scenes. A quick google search shows swingers in the 80s were happy to document their activities on camera.

Many women who would have partaken in swinging in the 1960s and since are now older, and many people who have been born since are also developing interests in swinging. This article will primarily focus on mature swingers.

Why do people engage in Swinging?

Why do people engage in a lot of things? The answers vary from increased quality of sex, to variety in partners, excitement, etc. Young people may engage in said practice to gain access to older swingers.

There are many mature swingers sites which facilitate the meeting of individuals.

Mature Swinging

Take Siobhan, she’s a 67 year old swinger said to be often time romping with groups of men in their 20s (most of them) and upwards. According to The Sun, there are 1.5 British citizens currently partaking in swinging.

Siobhan, like many other mature swingers only began enjoying sex later in life. For her at the age of 57. But has now found sexual enjoyment through Swinging, in her article on The Sun Siobhan claims she even has more than one session a day!

This article was supposed to not only explore the long interesting history associated to Swinging but also to explore how for some people old and young the activity for them brings heightened sexual fulfilment. Whilst in some sectors of society swinging remains taboo, it is viral to remember that over the last 100 years this has not always been the case.

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