Realistically, dating this quarantine isn’t at the top of many people’s priority list. After large scale economic downturn due to Coronavirus, it’s still unclear when the UK will exit its current recession. So many money saving initiatives should be on everyone’s agenda 2021. If you didn’t care about savings before, surely you do now!

The tips below should aid those who are single, in the early stages of dating and/or, in an established relationship save some money this year. Have a read, and see if any can be applied to your life,

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Tips to save money dating 2021


Sadly, many individuals are looking for someone to fund their lifestyle and where better to go than a dating site to find such person. Some scammers spend months trying to develop a ‘relationship’, before facing some sort of a ‘trouble’, in which they need your help, usually in the form of money. It’s 2021, if they are not seeking government assistance, a loan, actively searching for work, or even attempting to fundraise. Be suspicious about their motivations for accessing such dating apps/sites. For example, if you access Northamptonshire singles, hoping to do some Northamptonshire dating, be wary of anyone who approaches you with a sob story.

If you’re in a relationship with someone and they keep asking you for money, consider what role you play in this persons life. Are they using you as a bank? If you are sure they have pure intentions maybe formulate an action plan. Being financially unstable isn’t nice, but neither is funding someone’s life through your hard work.

If you have never met the person it really should be a hard no.

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Paid Websites & Apps

One way to avoid falling prey to such scammers may be to experiment with paid sites (if you’re single). Obviously, the paywall may filter those out who aren’t able to pay. When paying for websites, it may be best to access local sites rather than international sites. You want to avoid models and business owners simply trying to build a following.

However, on dating apps/sites the paywall is not always equal. Some sites only make men pay, this will mean the site will still be susceptible to female or men posing as female scammers. Always keep in mind the wide array of reasons you hear from catfishes on shows such as MTV Catfish.

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Don’t go out…

Now, I don’t know about you. But, in London Covid-19 is still prevalent and destroying lives. Therefore, it is still wise to stay at home and adhere to Public Health England guidelines. Now, more so than ever, it’s probably best not to waste money with private tours, or romantic getaways. It’s not only a slap in the face to people who are trying to stay at home, and follow the rules… but also a waste of money right now. You can save that money to go out when the environment is fully safe to do so. You’ll probably enjoy the trip more knowing you won’t be stigmatized when you return home too.

Share cheap common interests

Why not save the more expensive things for someone you already know you can carry a conversation with. Someone you can potentially see yourself developing with. Following the point made on the first tip. There are a wide array of people who are now seeking to portray they live a certain lifestyle. Just go onto Instagram, someone is having to portray a certain lifestyle to get you to buy something. Sometimes it works, sometimes it’s slightly sad.

Now, faking interest in people to live a certain lifestyle/ascertain their money has been around much longer than Instagram. These individuals (male and female) fraudulently portray interests with hopes you will go on lavish dinners, trips and experiences. Maybe even buying them stuff. By getting to know people cheaply, and not encouraging a luxurious standard which they will expect to be upkept. You can filter out those who are using you as a tool to present themselves a certain way. Hiking is cheaper than hot tub cinema. Chelsea gardens is cheaper, and classier, than EasyJet.

Be smart about how you portray yourself, and the standards you set.

Be smart about how you portray yourself

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The presentation of self in everyday life is real. If you want people to treat you with respect, act in a way which commands respect. If you portray yourself as someone who just wants to live the highlife, don’t be surprised when you only attract those type of people. You are the company you keep, so if you wonder how people perceive you, glimpse at your friendship group.

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