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What are some Formal methods of Social Control?


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There are various methods of Social Control. In particular, Formal Methods of Social Control. In the United Kingdom, Prison acts as the final destination for those who fail to convince a judge or jury that they will, or have subscribed to norms, values and laws.

Would anarchy break out without Social control? That’s a question for another day.

For those who are struggling to conceptualise formal methods of social control. You may want to consider the police, army, religion, and media. But what about Charities? Lobbyist? Think tanks?

On the microlevel, you may want to examine how peers and individuals exercise formal social control over others. Grounding children, for example, is deemed acceptable whilst slapping has lost popularity. Many institutions send warning letters. Isolation? Think of the Lion King. Ostracising/shunning from the social group isn’t typically considered illegal. But is it Moral?


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This reflective task can be done alone or with friends. You may find it handy to write your answers down to reflect on in the future. It is always beneficial to keep a note of Sociological Imagination development. We often don’t realise how our views change and develop over time.

Don’t pressure yourself to know all of the ins and outs, these things develop over time. Even the experts can be thrown off by questions they hadn’t considered. Ultimately, we are all still growing.

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