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Note three pros and cons of having a Royal Family.


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Monarchy’s, ruling families and figures have reigned over the world for millennia. Though most of the world is now run by Prime Ministers, Presidents and Heads of state. This could simply be a passing trend. Look back to the 1900s and you can see you’re presented with a world where Dictators were in trend.

This reflective task is to get you thinking about the malleability of Politics, how it is in constant flux and how it is influenced by the politics of the surrounding world. This reflective task can be thought about alone or discussed with friends.

In later years or months it can be useful to reflect on the same questions to see how your perspective may have changed or solidified.

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  1. colonialist 27 August, 2019 at 20:28 Reply

    Methinks the Crows outweigh the Poms. I am in favour of a monarchy that is more than simply a figurehead. The continuity and training for the job has to count for something.

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