Would you kill 5 people to save 1?

Source: Hundefan

It can often be easy to presume the worst of criminals, especially rapists. Something about taking a human life can turn people cold.

But why would you kill? Could you be driven to kill? And finally, would you kill 5 to save one?

This reflective tasks can be completed by yourself, or with friends. You may find it useful to write your thoughts down in a diary to reflect on at a later date.

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2 thoughts on “Would you kill 5 people to save 1?

  1. May be but i will depend upon the person who i know for example i would not kill any one for that person whom i do not know .

  2. I suggest that it is justified to kill any number of people to stop them from killing or harming one, provided the one is an innocent victim while the aggressors have an obviously evil motivation and killing is the only way to stop them.

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