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What are some informal methods of Social Control?


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There are various methods of social control. This Reflective Task calls on you to examine: Informal Methods of Formal Control. Consider, for example, a bystander intervening in a crime. They may film the offender intending to bring the evidence to the formal authorities., or they may simply shout to alert others. Think of all the racist outbursts captured and they published online.

Is informal Social Control any stronger or weaker than its Formal Counterpart?


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Within sports, you can truly see that the world is unequal? Reflect.


This reflective task can be done alone or with friends. You may find it handy to drop your answers down to reflect on in the future. It is always beneficial to keep a note of Sociological Imagination development.

Don’t pressure yourself to know all of the ins and outs, these things develop over time.


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