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Within sports you can see that the world is truly unequal?


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As a child you can believe that Sports is a field purely determined by skill. But looking at the Olympic medal board you’ll see that certain countries, particularly those with wealth come out on the top time and time again.

A number of sports are cut off from populations who lack access to funds. Others receive no funding, some (free running) aren’t considered a sport globally.

This reflective task calls on you to examine the Sport(s) of your choosing and consider whether there is truly an equal playing field. Feel free to discuss this topic with friends or to write in your journal.

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  1. Juan 26 September, 2019 at 17:01 Reply

    Olympic Games have since their modern inception been a blight of redistribution from public to private interests, from lower to upper classes, and from the poor to the rich. Typically what they leave behind is impoverished abandonment. In other words, they are an exercise “celebrates” exactly what they work to destroy.
    Professional sports, on the other hand, are where autocratic states excel. The father the government is from representing the interest of the people, the more important it is to keep people passionate and organized behind a sports team, lest they figure out they could organize equally to destroy their exploiters.

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