My Tinder Adventures: The One Where He Unmatched After the ‘Date’

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Before I dive into my second tinder date story which is worth enough to classify as one of those ‘date-gone-wrong’ stories, I feel like I need to give a little history about my life with tinder. To start with I had my account on and off for about 4 or 5 years and as I have mentioned before I only had two tinder dates. I was only there for fun, and to see how much I can push my luck with some of the guys on there. Out of total 3000 or more matches that I had over the years I only found a handful number of guys interesting enough to be worthy to date, but knowing that my life is one big irony I never got to date them.

Now that we are more or less up to date with the whole tinder deal let’s dive into the story of this post. Up till a couple of weeks ago, I would refuse to go on a tinder date because I just didn’t see the whole point of it. However, I decided to let go of that primitive, old-fashioned view of tinder and start going on dates. So far, I have only been on one, due to life and work taking over my life I didn’t get a chance to have more.

Let’s talk about the guy in question whom I am going to name ‘James’. He is about 25 years old and is a student at the same university that I go to. I always seemed to see him on nights out so I decided to Super Like him and see what happens. We matched…I started the conversation like I always do with my signature chat up line (Is your name winter? Because you’re coming soon). He was rather impressed and decided to have a conversation with me. The conversation itself made me think that he is a rather self-centered person and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go there.

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My mind was telling me, no, but my ovaries were telling me yes. So, after chickening out once I decided to bite the bullet and go for it. He came around after the library and was looking around my room… Bearing in mind that this is the first time I have taken anyone I haven’t met before to my god damn bedroom I was feeling rather uneasy as I didn’t want to be judged by how my room looked or my decorations.

To my luck, he saw something rather interesting on my notice board. I have two lists of the most ‘trendy’ and ‘common’ hashtags for Instagram which has lead to a rather interesting conversation. We chatted about some deep subjects about life and suddenly I felt like my opinion of him was very wrong and he is a lot more down to earth and nice, not exactly the classic case of a ‘fuckboy’.

Then things got heated and one thing leads to another… After the deal has been done I made us tea and we chilled for a while and then he left. I decided to be tactical about the whole deal and not text him until the very next day (as I have been accused of being needy and clingy before for stupid reasons). Unluckily, the next morning I was swept away with work and didn’t get a chance to text him till about 2pm. I received no reply whatsoever, but I remained hopeful as I thought that maybe he was just too busy.

The next day I was telling one of my closest friends about the whole situation and I wanted to show his tinder profile to her. Then I realise that his chat didn’t appear on my list, at first, I was confused and thought that maybe it’s a glitch and I went on Tinder again just to find out that he was no longer matched with me. I know that I didn’t expect much from it, but unmatched was not something I hoped for.

Let’s just say I don’t have much luck with my tinder dates, but it doesn’t mean I am willing to give up. I might get easily bored by it and occasionally delete it and then get it back because I am bored of not having it… it’s a never-ending cycle, but I do love it. Stay tuned for some more tinder adventures.



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