Fantasising and Hooking Up with Coworkers


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According to some research done by OkCupid, on 495,000 daters surveyed. 50% had fantasied about hooking up with a coworker. 17% had acted on these impulses at some point, and 12% admitted to having hooked up with a coworker at a holiday party (OkCupid, 2017).

Should this type of data be considered controversial? We are humans, and you can’t necessarily turn off attraction once you get to work. Yes, countless organisations prohibit dating and sexual relationships between employees, and especially in power situations such as between a manager and a subordinate. Most of the articles I read exemplify how issues arise when the relationship begins to break down.

Paul Wolfowitz, for example, was pressured to resign from the World Bank when information came out that revealed he had secured a new pay package for bank employee and girlfriend, Shaha Riza (The Guardian, 2007).

If your partner is in a privileged position and gives you favourable treatment, resentment may thrive, and with there being no laws against this phenomena it will be up to HR to decide how the issue is dealt with. But at least now, you can feel less bad about workplace crushing.



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