Senior Dating is increasingly becoming less taboo


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History has a dark twinge to it. There was a time when women were dependent on men, and the law basically made early, lifelong marriage as appealing as possible. Thanks to social changes and joint effort from a multitude of organisations and individuals times have changed. The future available to women, men and the LGBTQI 🏳️‍🌈 persons are now a whole lot less limiting.

It is worth noting barriers have dropped in other areas too. Up until 1967 interracial marriage marriage was illegal in some parts of the world. Single mothers of all ages throughout Europe were pushed to the fringes of society. So we can feel a bit more pride about the era that we live. Times have pushed forward.

Barriers have been knocked down. This article will focus on one obstacle of time often overlooked. Seniors increasing feeling more comfortable dating. It has become increasingly easier over the last few decades for older persons to find love, dating, and romance. The Internet only seems to be exacerbating this trend.

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We have reached a point where it is no longer taboo for anyone, of any age to find love, companionship and friendship using specific dating sites for their needs.

Senior dating isn’t always easy, when older people are venturing onto dating apps and online websites. They are often time finding they don’t have a great pool of individuals to choose from. However, this is set to change. The internet is now becoming a regular part of life. More and more older folk are developing greater technological capabilities. Some for work, some to communicate with family, these greater technological capabilities will be utilised for dating.

One article published on The Atlantic ‘What’s It’s Like to Date After Middle Age’ explores the difficulties some seniors have diving back into the dating scene.

The divorce rate for those over 50 is rising and most of them are seeking dating avenues. Linda White, a Sociologist at The University of Chicago states ‘some people in previous cohorts might not have thought about repartnering but people now live longer’.

I myself have seen colleagues marry later and divorce. It’s hardly uncommon in London to meet people who have married many times. Or had a string of monogamous or open relationships. At no point has anybody highlighted that now they never wanted to date again or try to find somebody to experience life with again. People usually just take small dating breaks. And, at no point have I ever thought it was appropriate to say ‘aren’t you too old’. There is no too old.

This article is supposed to show that anyone can find love. What was once a taboo, dating after a divorce, or a spouse passing, is no longer. More and more older persons are set to join the dating scene in the future and their experiences will be interesting to see.

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