Northamptonshire: A Few Rules For Dating


Northamptonshire, the location of Jane Austen’s ‘Mansfield Park’ a love story where the couple end with their love strong and secure until the ends of time. Okay, the book doesn’t say until the end of time. But on the subject of romance, Northamptonshire, like the rest of the world was forced to lockdown due to the global spread of Covid-19.

The police have struggled with getting the local population to adhere to lockdown guidelines. 6 days ago, they warned everyone that those who are caught breaking rules will face a fine. This followed criticism of the police and their reluctance to split up groups of young people this half term. The police did try and use social media to reiterate that following the rules was a necessity. It seems as though, none of the £10,000 fines have been paid. But, that shouldn’t be a big deterrent for couples hoping to flak the rules as this year couples have been fined in Northamptonshire.

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Please Respect the Rules if Dating

So what does that mean for those in Northamptonshire Dating. Those in Northamptonshire Dating must follow the rules, not only to protect your health but also to avoid a fine. Try and keep in mind the words from Superintendent Ellis ‘I was very clear that we would not be turning a blind eye, expect a visit from us, expect a hefty fine’. So the remainder of this post is going to focus on how those in the region can date safely without provoking law enforcement.

  1. Prioritise phone calls and video chats. This will allow you to communicate safely from the comfort of your own home.
  2. Rather than meeting people in real life, look at online avenues to create new friendships.

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Virtual Dates

So how to go about setting up a virtual date in Northamptonshire? You begin by signing up to a local dating site. Local sites are best as even as guidelines eases you shouldn’t be leaving your local authority area. When uploading photos, make sure to use pictures which show you as you are. You at the gym 2 years ago? That should stay in the memory bank. Then finally, get chatting to people. Recognise that everyone has different schedules and interests. When you feel you have connected with someone, and have talked for a little while. Push and see if they would like to schedule a phone call or video chat.

If someone attempts to pressure you into meeting up with them. This is a red flag, potentially they’re pressuring others too. Do take note as to how they’re pressuring you to act or behave during a global pandemic.

Six people or two households can meet up and be in a private garden. You are allowed to travel with a reasonable excuse, but keep in mind fines have been handed out quite a bit. In Northamptonshire, couples are being approached and asked to provide ID and for their reasoning being out of the house. Dedicated officers are on Covid patrols so stay safe and protect yourself.

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