Rules ease, but Daters in Derbyshire should remain wise!


Thankfully, now thank some lockdown restrictions have been eased in the United Kingdom (UK). Dating in Derbyshire will be a little easier. With a population a little shy of a million, with 500,000 of those situated in the 16-64 age range, and an average age of 42. Derbyshire is a prime location for dating.

Cave Dale, dry limestone valley. Derbyshire | Source: Luke Ellis Craven

I myself love Derbyshire. I went out one night in Derbyshire a few years ago and have zero complaints. As I exited the taxi with a friend we bumped into a group of women. They told us they had left their husbands at home but that we should take care of the boys in town ;’). This forward friendliness is something I have come to associate with Derbyshire from the women, men, and engineers I have met on the train, town center, and clubs.

If you’re hoping to embark in Derbyshire Dating, and are interested in dating sites you should remember that though some of the rules have eased today it is still vital to remain wise. The current rules allow for table service only whilst drinking outside at a pub, bar, or restaurant establishment with outdoor seating. Even though meeting is still allowed, the government is relying on people adhering to basic Covid rules. Wear a mask, try not to mix with more than one other household, carry hand sanitizer, and try to keep 2 meters away from other individuals. We can all do our bit to help!

If you’re in the early stages of getting to know someone, why not slow down the hunt and wait a little. A little due diligence can go a long way. Talk on the phone, potentially see if virtual dates could become a facet of your relationship. If not, why not get a drink to go and walk in a local park. Most certainly do not meet up for a romp in public!

One couple in Derbyshire have been fined for being caught naked in a car. It has been classed as non-essential sex. Yes, that’s right! Sex with someone outside of your household during a modern plague is non essential. However, a year into the quarantine everyone knows this. Another couple were fined for booking a cottage in an attempt to have a little get away in Derbyshire. Whilst they claimed they were there for work purposes the police were not buying it. Not sure what’s worse providing the police with false information, or going on an illegal holiday during a modern day plague. Currently, hotels and hostels and open to house essential traveling workers or the homeless.

Hope Valley, in the Peak District. Derbyshire. | Source: Ali Gooya

Similarly, those who travelled down to Derbyshire to do some off road biking have also faced fines which does counter some information which said individuals could travel to exercise. One lady was fined after driving 5 miles to go for a walk, so it is unlikely your decision to go on a date will be seen as reasonable. Even staying still is not good enough, couples have been fined for stargazing.

Once again, this is why you must stay vigilant. Is it worth a fine may be a question all daters have to ask themselves in the future. Whilst also keeping up to date with how local enforcement is responding.

To avoid these costly fines and a bruise to your self esteem and pride. Maybe don’t get caught up in one of these first world situations. Best of luck with all your future dates 🙂

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