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Whether you’re politically inclined or not, it’s hard to have missed the massive resurge of the feminist movement across the globe, especially in America. Whether it comes down to the most scrutinized presidential election to date, whether it is the cultural pendulum swing or whether our definition of feminism has changed over the years but why is it that nearly forty years later we find ourselves asking similar questions about our rights that we never thought would need revisiting. A galvanized new generation of young women is engaging themselves in a political dialogue about what they want, what they deserve and what they are willing to sacrifice to get there.

But fighting for gender equality used to be an intimidating undertaking, one that involved hunger strikes, taking part in violent protests, sit-ins, or imprisonment. It was a cultural and philosophical movement. It was reminding the powers that be that femininity is an asset, not an albatross. Nowadays though it seems the plight for equality has taken a strange and less drastic approach, where almost anything can be a feminist act and through the help of social media frequently is. In fact, one can complete three Acts of feminism before breakfast by the standards of today’s active feminists. Acts, like posting a #FreeTheNipple photo on social media, eating pizza…in public, playing simulation sports games ordinarily played by males or wearing no makeup, will have future generations of feminist thanking you for your sacrifices and your bravery? Hmm, seem unlikely. Should something as vital as equality be confused with things that are seemingly so trivial? Yes, maybe the days of burning bra’s and picketing are behind us as the birth of a new tech era presents the world with a set of new challenges and forms of intolerance when it comes to inequality and with a set of new challenges comes new ways to fight them. Feminism is no longer the unmastered suit-wearing protesting feminist but is no rather the anything-goes, all-encompassing, all-inclusive idea of what womanhood can be.

It’s important to remember not to try and define feminism for any other women other than yourself. Feminism is a set of political beliefs born out of the idea that women should have absolute essential rights, whether that be the right to vote, the right to own property, start a business or the right to make decisions about their bodies. It is also about making room for other women to make choices you don’t necessarily agree with – it’s really about equality and the right to choose what works for your life and what doesn’t just like everyone else – but having the ability to choose is essential.

These days feminism come in all shapes, sizes, and shades, there is no prerequisite for membership. Do we wish that there was a better, more concise, more appropriate way to speak and educate people (women) about their rights to equality and reproductive freedom? Of course. Do we think that there will ever be a perfect example, or advocate to help shed light on the importance of this matter in an inoffensive way? There can’t be. Does it matter how we fight patriarchy just so long as we do? The aim is to bring about a global conversation about equality, women are the only special interest group that is as large as the ‘majority’ group, thus we are the only people who have a chance to overcome inequality in all facets of life and going forward we want to turn this momentum into actionable steps in making a difference and this is how that can be done.

1. Educate Yourself
It’s time to educate yourself to become politically ‘woke’ and aware of the issues that women are facing all around the globe, and the efforts already in place to fight these predigest. Don’t be afraid to have the hard conversations with people from all different walks of life, part of educating yourself and others is helping to contribute to the awareness of these issues and opening a dialogue that women can talk freely about their experiences.

2. Participate
It’s not enough to just be educated or to inform others you have to participate. Whether it’s a school-sponsored cause, a citywide initiative there will be at least one cause that you wish to help. Engaging is an excellent way to have your voice heard, and feel like you are making a difference, feeling that you are not just a number and your opinion is valued. Helping out with causes in and around your community will help you get a better understanding of the plight for equality and its importance.

3. Volunteer
Giving back it’s a vital part of any movement, and can make a huge difference in the lives of so many people. The movement is based on equality for all, and it’s important that you as an activist reflect the things you stand for that you show the importance of equality, kindness, and compassion.

4. Support
It’s important to support political parties and organizations that speak to your values and beliefs to ensure that there is someone there who speaks to you and promises that your opinions and concerns are heard. An organization or candidate is only as powerful as the people who support them, be one of those people.

5. Be Deliberate
“The power of the purse,” your money has power and how you choose to spend it can have a massive effect on business and causes should you decide to utilize your income politically. As a consumer, you hold enough power to stop supporting an industry that undermines the values in which the third wave of feminism is aiming to fight.

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