Christianity and Feminism: How the bible is a source of empowerment


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Being a Christian and a feminist is something that is rarely put together as
being a thing. You are either one or the other, thought to be in opposing
directions, not at all similar. On one hand, being a Christian woman is to be
submissive, letting the man take the front and most important position,
stepping back and being the primary caretaker in the home. Feminism, on the other hand, talks about equality with men, showing that it is a lie and a social
construction that makes us believe that men and women are not capable to
swap traditional gender roles. Women can and should be able to be paid the
same as men, be the breadwinner and make choices outside of what it means
to be ‘ladylike’. However, times are changing. Both labels are not necessarily as
fixed as they once were, many Christian ladies are finding empowerment
within liberal feminism at the very least whilst not sacrificing their faith at the
same time.
Throughout the bible, there are several instances where God has backed the
underdog, showing women to have in some instances a lot of faith and
courage where men would not go and in the modern day where medals aren’t
given to those who sit back and let others do the job. Christian women are
currently using their faith as a shield to protect themselves and feel
empowered that they are more than capable of taking care of business.
Christian women are showing themselves not to be the weaker sex but instead
being ambitious and fearless while using the bible as a shield. The language
used in the bible as believers being raised on eagle wings, being courageous
and laughing in the face of worldly fears is not gender exclusive; it is for all who
read it.
However, the scripture on the roles of gender are apparently clear with some
churches taking it very much practically which very much contradicts with the
founding message of feminism: choice. The bible talks about women being
helpers; assisting males. It also talks about women being modest, not wearing
any loud jewellery and welcoming submissiveness rather than dominance so it can be easy to feel as though there is very much an obvious divide between
feminism and Christianity. Of course there are still some churches that preach
these strong scriptures with women not being able to serve or become leaders.
Not only in the public sphere but also believing that women primarily belong in
the home and preach about modesty, being the second sex and simply not just
as capable as men. However in many churches, they are seeing the benefits of

However, in many churches, they are seeing the benefits of
changing along with society, knowing that today’s woman needs as much
support from the church in order to not just become influential in the church
but also in the world. Not only that but showcasing women in positions of
authority within the church can encourage younger generations not just to shy
into the crowds, encouraging them to be publically confident, taking up roles
of responsibility in the workplace; reducing the incredibly few women in high
positions of power.

The church is in an incredible place of power to create
change and influence, especially in marginalised or traditional groups in
society; changing perceptions of social norms of men and women.
Faith and feminism can seem like the perfect marriage to some but can seem
like chalk and cheese match to others. As with anything, education is necessary
in order to shed a light into how much feminism is important – not just to
women, but also to men; not just in the wider public sphere but also in the
privacy of the home as well as in church so that feminism can work in
collaboration with the church rather than in opposition.

By Chenai, Founder of YWMagazine.co


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