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If you’re reading this in hope of finding a miracle injection of happiness, you’re in the wrong place. If you’re reading this because you want to learn how you can train your mind to feel happiness, then keep reading.

Happiness is something you have to believe in, something you have to train your mind to feel and something you have to adjust your outlook on life to accept if you haven’t yet already accepted it.

The moment you accept happiness and allow it to fill your body is the moment you can expect to actually feel happy and content in your own being.

Do you ever find yourself booking endless holidays or events, creating amazing memories and moments – yet as soon as these occasions are over, you’re left feeling deflated and empty? Do you feel the urge to constantly purchase materialistic items? Do you find yourself craving or needing more? It feels like a ceaseless cycle that no amazing holiday or outing can terminate. YOU have control over your happiness and only YOU have the key to discovering where to find it.

Sometimes the barrier between yourself and happiness is unknown. The moment you figure out what that barrier is that’s keeping you from being fulfilled with life is the moment that you open your life to endless contentment. Sometimes the only barrier is yourself, you keep yourself from reaching happiness because you focus on what you don’t have instead of appreciating and absorbing what you have.

Perhaps you observe people around you and assume they’re happier or more successful than you. Perhaps you compare yourself to these people, and convince yourself that because you don’t feel happiness on the level they appear to display it, that you don’t feel happiness at all?

‘FAKE it til you MAKE it’

Tell yourself that you ARE happy. Tell yourself that you have everything you need in life and that anything else is a bonus. Remind yourself that life is too short to worry about what you haven’t yet achieved, to worry about what friends haven’t invited you out or who doesn’t like you, and most important of all – to worry about not being happy. Focus on how you can be satisfied with your current life. Eventually, you will begin to believe yourself – you will have meaning behind the smile you once forced upon your face,  you will embrace everything you have and accept that what will be will be and is out of your control. You will feel at peace with your mind instead of bringing it to battle with your thoughts.

Despite the path to happiness beginning with acceptance, it does sometimes also require changes to your life. If you are surrounded by toxic people, remove yourself from their pathway. If people aren’t contributing anything to your life or your well-being, you will do just perfect without them. You will feel free from the external forces of negative energy. Why waste your precious time dedicated to those who don’t appreciate it? Exactly.

If you’re working in a job that doesn’t serve your purpose or talents… seek to change it – even if it means taking baby steps towards where you desire to be. It’s better to strive than to settle with the minimum. You know what you’re capable of. Life is too short to be taking the easiest and least time-consuming route for everything.

I don’t want to drain you with a prolonged lengthy post so consider my points and try to interpret them into your life. It is possible to feel happiness. Remember you are possibly the only barrier between yourself and happiness – only you can lift it up.

By Hannah Goulding


Instagram: hannahgouldingxx

Twitter: goulding_hannah

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