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What news story has shaken you in the last 6 months? [Self Reflection]


Source: Roman Kraft

According to different Sociologists, the news serves many functions. Some good, to inform us on the weather, to alert us to natural disasters, and create a sense of belonging within the nation. Some bad, to demonize certain groups, to push values onto populations, and to keep groups of people in constant fear.

The side you most align with may differ from time to time. That’s only to be expected.

So, nothing to tedious but just think for moment on which news story has shocked you in the last 6 months. Perhaps you’re with someone and you would like to know for them too. Now would be the best time to ask!

Remember, self reflection is a self exercise. No one can push you towards a right or wrong answer, this is personal. But by reflecting you’re better prepared to understand yourself and put your thoughts, feelings and experiences into words. You’re valuable so please, reflect.

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