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What is the Role of a Sociologist? [Self Reflection]


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What is the role of the Sociologists?

What should Sociologists spend their time doing?

What should they not spend that time doing?

This reflection task allows you to develop your standpoint and/or position on the role of the Sociologist.

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Sociologists tend to be quite meritocratic amongst themselves. They have no issue with one developing theory, the other research, another dedicated to activism, with some teaching in a classroom. It is generally recognised that all spheres are necessary.

Some professions find themselves boxed in, a doctor may only be viewed as being allowed to preserve and continue human life. Thereby shunned when they choose to venture into cosmetic careers.

Do you agree? This reflection task can be done alone, with friends, family or colleagues. If brave, you may even want to ask a stranger on the streets. It will help you strengthen your standpoint on theorists, and ultimately your Sociological Imagination. If you want to keep track of your changing views and perspectives. You may find it valuable to write your answer down to ponder over at a later date.

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