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Caste (noun)

  • each of the hereditary classes of Hindu society, distinguished by relative degrees of ritual purity or pollution and of social status
  • the system of dividing society into castes
  • any class or group of people who inherit exclusive privileges or are perceived as socially distinct.


As seen from the above, there are many definitions of the word Caste. The word Caste itself may bring to mind certain societies or historical stratification systems. This Reflective Task calls on you to examine your own society, whilst considering others.

Social movements such as the Civil Rights movement, LGBT activism, and feminism stemming from segments of the population feeling marginalised and unable to access standards of living others take for granted.


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What do you think the characteristics of modern-day Caste are? Take into consideration it will change from region to region. Are certain groups unable to access opportunities? Stereotyped to a detriment to social progress? Potentially, you are of the opinion that society is a meritocracy.

This reflective task can be completed alone, one could simply ponder for a few minutes, write thoughts down in a journal, research the topic on a deeper level through research, documentaries, travel? Or, simply debate with friends. Each route will aid the development of one’s Sociological Imagination.


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