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What is the role of a friend?

How do friends differ from acquaintances? Are family, spouses, colleagues, pets lesser or more important than friends? Are these connections unique, something which cannot be ranked. What is a friendship supposed to provide? Fun, emotional support, new experiences, confidence, lectures, guidance, the truth?

Like family, it can be easy to take friends for granted. All too often, friendships breakdown due to loss of contact, petty arguments, or distance. A quick look at the United Kingdom census and you see that a number of people in the UK don’t believe they have any close friends.

Where do you meet your friends? Does this have a tremendous effect on the quality of friendship? Do you think friendships between adults are more important than those of young people? Children? Old people? What makes adults look at young friendships and relationships as less serious? Are these views unfounded?

What is the purpose of friendship? Can there be many purposes? Are some reasons more important or dignified than others? Why?

This reflection task is best done first alone. You may be perplexed as to where to start so grab a piece of paper and begin brainstorming. Then stop and ask someone you know, and an elder. Then compare their answer with someone younger than you. Attempt to travel back in time to compare what the younger you would have said. Then put your brainstorm somewhere safe so the older you can look back.

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