How do you know that God exists?


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This is a question for believers, spiritualists, agnostics, and atheists alike. What proof would need to be put forward/what argument do you use to prove Gods existence?

You can carry out this reflection task alone, or with friends. Those who are brave will discuss with someone who holds totally opposing views.

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  1. colonialist 22 October, 2019 at 20:20 Reply

    I would require an awful lot more than the wishy-washy circular stuff (e.g. ‘Because it is written’) to believe in any conventional religion. As for the existence of a higher power, it seems to me that impetus and direction observable daily on micro and macro levels provides constant proof. Though thinking of God as a human-like super-daddy-in-the-sky is, straight away, going to provide an insurmountable distortion.

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