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Wine is so expensive here in Paris, owing to the taxes imposed on it, that it seems the French want to implement the precept of the divine Quran which forbids us to consume it.

When I reflect upon the deadly effects of this drink, I cannot help considering it the most dangerous gift nature had made to man. If anything has sullied the life and reputation of our monarchs, it has been their insobriety, it is the most poisonous source of their injustices and their cruelty.

By Montesquieu

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  1. Lucaa d. N. 22 April, 2018 at 10:04 Reply

    Good! Indeed no…
    To constantly follow the works and the (high) thoughts fruit of the cultural and bourgeois hegemony we would say today (noble!) of the West by the Muslim, is, indeed, denotes and affirms, the (induced!) arrest that the Ummah has stubbornly held from “that” time and it’s still with us.
    A Freemason, a nobleman who seems to us today to jeopardize (or should do) the decadence of liberalism, the epochal exoduses of the desperate (overwhelmingly Muslim majority!) who try to reach… capitalism and consumerism, the ultimate drift of free thought democratic.
    Wine? But… should we ever talk about financial interest?
    But please! Have (more) courage!

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