Infertility: So Many Contributors


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In our modern world, like so many other health issues, infertility has also been on the rise, depriving couples of the progeny they otherwise, so much deserve. According to a survey conducted in the United States (US) 2010 found that up to 15% of couples have one member who is infertile, and the number may be higher elsewhere.’ Insufficient nutrition, perverse behavior, instinct, non-medical drugs, emotional response, smoking and drinking, and timing, etc. play very important roles in lessening fertility levels in both genders.

The question how to increase fertility naturally is mainly connected with food; it is not difficult to find food-based fertility boosting tips. In this regard, both traditional and scientific suggestions abound in your immediate environment and on the internet. The consumption of organic food has decreased up to an alarming extent. Instead of using organic foods, present day societies have become very much dependent on inorganic commercial farming because of the low costs and bulk production. Researchers have shown that pesticides can affect estrogen and other hormones necessary for normal functioning of the human body, so if you are facing the problem, it becomes vital to double wash your food and avoid any inorganic consumables. Intakes of the appropriate amount of fresh fruits, greens, wild fish, and other vitamin and mineral-rich items greatly help in this connection. Use of quality grains is also very important for increased control and estrogen, which lead to infertility issue.

Many of us do not work out regularly, and some have given it up altogether; no thanks to the current amenities that make us lazier. It is a common observation that regular exercise has positive effects on overall health; exercise plays the most important role in balancing the Endocrine System, which is the collection of different hormones throughout the body. Hormones are responsible for a number of functions, including the development of the brain and nervous system; growth and function of the reproductive organs; function of metabolism and blood sugar levels.

Our bodies are created for healthy food and active living, but the majority of us do not even come close to the healthy habit of regular exercise as a result from serotonin up to the very specialized hormones, each and every one is affected. Moreover, polluted environment further complicates the issue; pollution in the environment enters our bodies through air, water and other means and damages a number of systems. Inorganic food, contaminated environment and then lack of exercise, all affect female ovaries, male testes, pituitary gland, thyroid gland and adrenal glands, promoting not only infertility but a number of other diseases.

Use of alcohol is yet another reason for low fertility; it promotes inflammation and reduces immune function; heavy drinking is associated with an increased risk of ovulation disorders and endometriosis; it lowers testosterone levels as well, causes erectile dysfunction and decreases sperm production. Similarly, excess use of caffeine causes hormonal imbalance, dehydration and leads to mineral deficiencies, and also interferes with fertility. Use of drugs also affects fertility by making ovulation more difficult each month.

Medical researchers have identified that excess stress of the post-modern-life is also one of the causes of infertility. Now it has been proven that stress reduction leads to improved fertility. We have been living with high stress since the dawn of industrialization, and we continuously underestimate its impact on our health. According to researchers, stress has a direct effect on female infertility. Studies have shown that an enzyme alpha-amylase is responsible for low fertility; after making suitable allowances for malnutrition, lack of exercise, smoking and caffeine etcetera, Amylase is said to be the cause of infertility, which is directly related to tension.


By Hassan Azra


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