Can we live together in peace on this planet?


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Many people on this planet are currently fighting, arguing, killing, torturing, abusing and not agreeing with one another? Why? Many of us have different opinions, views, subscribe to differing ideologies and ideas, you and I included. Are these different views and opinions really so important and critical, that you must kill or be horrible to
others who don’t have the same view as you?
If someone has a different political view to you, would you be violent to them until they have the same view as you?
If someone prefers cabbage and you hate it, would you force them to eat it to prove a point?
If a person looks at you in a certain way or says something, would you punch them? If so, why?
Arguments, disagreements and conflicts arise from many different situations. They are quite often not for the reason they appear. A couple may argue that one person wants to eat at home whilst the other wants to eat out. They may mean but not want to say, that they can’t afford to eat out and that eating out would put a financial strain on them.
A mum may argue with her son about how much he uses and concentrates on his mobile phone when actually his mum is concerned that they have little time together because he engages with social media more than his family.
We have a beautiful planet with astonishingly gorgeous views, people and other creatures such as our pets. So often us humans would rather moan about what we don’t like or what we want, rather than treasuring what we have. As someone who relies on a wheelchair and can hardly walk, I often look at people walking and standing with envy.
You do not realise how great it is to be able to walk, run and stand. Yet such abilities are taken for granted.

If more of us spend time and energy living together, getting to know each other, rather than arguing and killing each other, our life and planet would be a much better place. Energy and time are scarce. There is only a limited amount of energy, time and resources. Let us use these wisely. Instead of using loads of energy fighting, arguing and killing, what about using that energy instead to talk to each other and find out how we can actually live together?
Yes, you may hate your neighbour because of y and can’t stand the sight of them because of x, but if there was a major crisis you may both suddenly depend on and help each other. Because ultimately, peace is so much better than war. I am not suggesting that we all are the same because we aren’t and never will be. Our differences should be
accepted and then we find out the great things we have in common, so we can live together and help each other.
Isn’t it much better to help each other, rather than arguing with each other?


By Steve Purdy

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