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I believe it is time to admit something exists that is rarely recognised – Evil. Yes, that horrible word that many people don’t want to recognise, or may be frightened to even admit exists.

Evil, that 4 letter short word can be scary and some may think it doesn’t exist.

When we are brought up as children, we are usually taught right from wrong. We are taught if we see something that is wrong, or know someone is doing something wrong, to report it. People often know people doing things wrong, but don’t want to report it or do anything about it, as they may get injured, killed or called bad names. We should, in theory, have free speech in Great Britain, but when people say certain things about certain people, they get told off, criticised or put in prison. Why? What happened to free speech? Has it ever even existed?

In Britain, there are people aware of others doing things to hurt and kill. These people should tell the authorities and others. If they don’t, are they just as bad as those who cause incidents or tragedies of what we’ve already seen?

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

(Edmund Burke)

Evil people and actions can only keep happening when people let them. The people of Britain need courage, self-belief and motivation to come together for peace. So many are scared of being called names, having their homes or property vandalised or other such things, that they won’t speak up. Many years ago, our great and proud nation was just that – great.

Let us make it great again, by coming together, yes together, to stamp out evil!

As a nation, our people need to decide what they want, peace or evil.

If they want peace and don’t want evil, they need to come together as a group to make sure peace happens. This doesn’t mean violent protests, or vigilant groups roaming the country thumping people and other such violent actions. Peace doesn’t happen by using violence.

People can help us have peace and not evil by:

  • speaking up and reporting crimes or possible crime to the authorities and police
  • encouraging and helping people to report crimes, who may not have the confidence to or who may be threatened by people committing crimes.
  • Coming together as a group in person, on the internet or other ways, to promote peace and help others.
  • helping people realise they are doing wrong and helping them stop doing it.
  • Making sure that the police, local authority, National Crime Agency and others tackle crime and such issues fairly and firmly. Just reporting things does not always mean they are to be dealt with.

For example, so many people are career criminals or get into such as petty thieving or minor criminality, for something to do or to gain attention. So many people simply need a purpose in life and someone to notice them.

Why do people do things to result in mass injuries and death? What do they get out of it? How can they manage to obtain the items, money and knowledge so that such tragedies happen? Is this the world we want? Do these things happen because people are brainwashed into believing things, who can easily be led into thinking certain things?

I myself years ago was convinced I could be taken to court and sued for £1000s for a minor issue, so that person persuaded me to buy the items so they wouldn’t sue me. Then, I totally believed them and told no one. Months later when I no longer had contact with that person, I realised they could not have taken me to court and that what they told me, was a pack of lies. Since that and many other experiences, I am a much wiser and stronger person.

The mind is a complex thing and what is right and acceptable to someone, may not be to others. So many people are vulnerable and can easily be persuaded to do bad and evil things, almost without realising it.

It is a fact that, killing and injuring one or a lot of people – is not right and is not peaceful. If we want to live in a peaceful world and nation, that has no place for people making bombs, those that abuse and torture, kidnap, murder, injure and other acts of evil to children and adults.

Consider your actions each and every day, have you helped someone be safe, be loved and cared for? True love.

Report, follow-up, come together and make sure evil of whatever type cannot and will not happen in Great Britain.

We were not invaded in the Second World War. Great people gave and still give their lives to make our nation a great one. Our lads and lasses in our armed forces have fought many fights in countries way from Britain to try to stop evil, resulting in death or injury themselves or other fine soldiers. These people have made the final sacrifice by dying, whilst many may suffer from living despite severe injuries that should have killed them. Their acts should not be forgotten or taken lightly.

You can make a difference, by doing what you can to report, follow up and make sure evil has no place in our nation. If you want peace, we have to fight for it. It is far better fighting for peace, than fighting for evil. It is so easy to be evil and commit an evil act, yet it is far harder to promote peace.

Fighting for peace is not an excuse to use violence, but violence can be a reason to fight for peace!

By Steven Purdy

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