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The Hypodermic Syringe Theory believes that violent media acts like a syringe to a person. By engaging with the media, the thoughts and Scenarios are there in their brain. Making them more sceptible to carry them out in the future. 

How much do you agree with the statement that violent media creates violent people.

What about pornography? Does violent pornography make a personal more sceptible to being violence during sexual intercourse?

Is media truly that strong that it can brainwash people do certain things. It will be good to note there have been copycat murders, and even murders motivated by folk tales, magical beings and superheroes.

If the media does truly possess these capabilities should the government regulate? Or should these capabilities be left unmonitored on the free market. Facebook was heavily scrutinised with a role in the US election

It would be best to consider this by yourself some people may come to see you as a conspiracy theory depending on your position.

Think of your own experience, no answer is right or wrong, has engaging with certain media made you more sceptible to doing certain things. One thing is certain things. This task will allow you to consider how media consumption can affect behaviour, lust and desires.

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