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Drugs, and subsequently drug users, have been present in all societies. Some theorist speculate as to whether there is an innate human desire to get intoxicated. So disregarding alcohol for the moments. Let’s reflect on what we think about drug users.

Why do people take drugs? What motivates them to take or not take? Background? Age? Situational contexts? Are drug users/addicts and those in recovery genetically predisposed? Lacking determination? In a rough space in need of help, or just having a bit of fun.

Is there a hierarchy amongst drugs users? Are some drug users regarded as ‘lower’ because of what they use? Or less priority for help than others? If so, why? Who decides this?

Should governments and businesses be lucrative and profit from these desires? If the majority of the drug market is left illegal and unregulated will dealers, cartels and gangsters be humane in running the trade? Will they provide users with the best product? Would the government? Does anyone have any responsibility to provide a good service or is profit the main interest?

Does a drug being prescribed mean sometimes or is there a bias even within the pharmaceutical industry? Towards profit and certain products. Is it okay to be addicted if the drug had been prescribed by a doctor? Will the recovery be any different?

These questions are multifaceted, and not all need to be confronted to get comfortable or knowledgeable of your position on the area of drug users. This task hopes to get you thinking more empathetically about the lives and situations of drug users and addicts. There are numerous reasons as to why someone might turn to drugs. Once in a while or everyday.

Try going through these questions alone first as your own experiences will probably reinforce your position/s.

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