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After events in France and the heroic action of Col. Arnaud Beltrame, I can’t help but ask if any of our world leaders or public figures would have done the same in a similar situation?

After one of many school shootings, President Trump implied cowardice towards an officer involved, saying if he had been present he would roll up his sleeves and save the day. If he happened to be in France that day would he have negotiated a better deal for a swap? I ask this question as there are heroes all over the world who go above and beyond on a daily basis only then for superiors or governments to fail not only them but the very ethics of ‘right and wrong’ and fail their heroes with a lack of clarity and leadership.

I draw no comparisons with the action of anyone acting on what they believe to be right or wrong. Political motivations aside but ask the greater question: would our leaders do the same? So often serious issues are sidelined in the face of populist press pressure and thus final decisions take years to finalise.

Can any politician say they have acted bravely in the face of a difficult decision? The right thing to do a lot of the time will never be the easiest road and how many can say that although disagreeing fundamentally with what say a lobbyist is purposing, have gone on to still take their money or even push for their purposed legislation?

A bumbling example of this is our very own Boris Johnson. Outspoken words towards the Russian state, disregarding party stance and probably orders not to ever say anything in public ever again! Only to find obscene payments from Russian officials paid to him for the pleasure of his company. In the outbreak of war brave men would be sent against each other while our leader’s wine and dine each other. Discuss casualty lists over a game of tennis maybe? Speaking as a Brit we have seen some fighters go to join the Kurds fighting in Syria only for our government to arm and support Turkish assaults against them. As a result, we saw Anna Campbell fall to Turkish artillery. How can we mark ISIS or the Syrian regime out as the main threat to peace on earth as we betray a movement that has seen most of the fighting and is the only force to make any gains in the conflict?

Throughout history, civilization has sought to destroy each other time and again many believing in Honour and Glory on the battlefield. Once true maybe but in this time where our weasel like leaders pit the brave and heroic against one another whilst at the same time undermining the same principles on which a conflict was ‘ADVERTISED’, bought and funded by the people. Napoleon once said ‘Imagination rules the world’. If he were alive today I believe he would say that the spineless run the shop, encouraging conflicts globally and trying to conquer and slaughter through the most indirect means possible. War is no longer fought for liberty equality or freedom but for economic stimulation and God forbid we ever have to fight for peace!

This is the forgotten objective in modern warfare.

I praise the brave colonel for his actions and hope his actions remind us all of the real and constant struggles between good an evil and what is right and wrong in the smash and grab society in which we all live and try to resist every temptation to sway us from our moral and ethical beliefs.
By Tom Owen

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