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Are there any Right-Wing Sociologists?


Source: tiburi


In short yes, there is ideological diversity within most disciplines situated within a society which doesn’t punish difference by death. Sociology is no different. That being said, the theories which have gained prevalence and the people who have been drawn to the field largely come from a center, or leftist position. Listen to these sociologists discuss the issue below.


The Sociological Mail


  1. Anna Cowper-Canaux 26 May, 2019 at 17:28 Reply

    Sociology is the examination of society. To actually do that you have to be completely open-minded and willing to study and question ALL the existing social systems, values and beliefs – that’s including stuff like capitalism. This is virtually impossible for a right-wing/conservative person to do, since because by it’s very nature, the right is about conserving values and beliefs. Hence ‘conservative’

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