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Any parent is familiar with that eerie sensation of realizing that your little ones seem to be growing up faster than you’d like, and all of us, parents or not, have those moments when it seems like time is just getting away from us. The fast pace of modern life seems to give us less and less time to actually enjoy and savor the moment before we’re rushing off to the next commitment.

Facebook’s ‘On This Day’ feature has become one of their most popular offerings for precisely this reason. But there are plenty of ways that we can capture a few moments along the way and preserve them, and ‘bottle’ some of those memories to relive years down the line. Here are a few of them!

Take photos and memories offline with a scrapbook or photo album project:

Photo albums used to be a staple of family life, and perhaps this is one tradition we should hold onto! Once a week or even once a month, take a few minutes to go through your digital shots and select some of your favorites to have printed out. This can be a nice way to spend some family time together as well. Modern tech can help you here – set a reminder on your phone or laptop so you don’t fall out of the habit!

And while scrapbooking isn’t quite the craze it used to be, it’s still a great way to preserve little bits and pieces from daily life. Things like old takeout menus from your favorite family restaurant, letters and report cards from school, party invitations or copies of a recipe that you tried together (even if the result was disastrous!) may not seem that special now, but in ten years’ time they can help you recall memories that might otherwise have disappeared forever.

Make your home a time capsule:

Canvas printing has become one of the easiest, most affordable and most eye-catching ways to decorate your home with family photos in a world where everything seems to be going digital. Even if it’s just once a year as a Christmas present for the whole family, it’s nice to take your best photos from the year and transform them into a piece of art that really makes your house a home. With so many sizes, shapes and options to choose from, there’s a lot of room for creativity in how you display these pieces too.

You can use photos from your family vacations, pictures of the kids with their first pet or best friend from school – whatever captures and brings back special memories for you.

If you have older photos of family members from previous generations, then creating a family tree display for your living room is a centerpiece that’s sure to impress your visitors and keep your ancestors close at the same time.

Even if it’s only your parents, you and your children, this is a really nice way to add character and history to your home and bring back memories from your own childhood. Add to the display as new cousins, nephews and nieces are born, and who knows? Maybe one day your kids will keep the tradition going and add their own families!

The smells of yesteryear:

Scents are also an excellent way of literally bottling memories – so consider keeping a little treasure chest for some of the family’s favorites – dad’s cologne, mom’s perfume, and an old bottle of your baby’s first shampoo or sunscreen for example.

Keep a diary or journal:

While not everyone has the dedication to keep a daily journal, a lot of us keep a diary for work. If so, consider adding a few personal notes every now and then to keep at least a brief record of what everyone was up to. Small happenings might seem inconsequential now, but years down the line you’ll be amazed at the memories that flipping through the pages of an old diary can bring back!

The Cloud never forgets

If you’re like many of us, your phone has become a constant companion, and we reach for it to take a snapshot of anything interesting that crops up to share with friends.  For a lot of people, these are the only photos that they take – so make sure the best ones are safe! When a trusted phone, PC or laptop finally gives up the ghost, it can be as disheartening as losing a family photo album, so make sure to back up your family shots to the cloud. If you’re technically inclined, then a great way of preserving your best shots is by making a video, slideshow or digital photo album out of them.

Whatever your style, there are countless ways to capture the moment – and years from now they’ll be there to help you relive the best times!

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