Cheshire – Don’t rush due to temptation!


‘Wait, wait, wait, where’s that accent from?’ huh ‘you literally said that word with an accent and it wasn’t from London.’

Some of the BEAUTIFUL architecture in Cheshire | Source: JR Harris

Cheshire. Say this Shaneka, say that Shaneka. When I came back to London and even sometimes now I have a slight accent. I confess that whole accent can be traced back to Cheshire. With a population just under 1 million, Cheshire is a county located in the north east of England. Leafy Tatton was declared the posh capital of England highlighting Cheshire’s affluent residents. The Beckham’s, the Rooney’s, John Bishop, Peter Crouch, the list goes on. You may have watched the Real Housewives of Cheshire. You may know all about the Cheshire Triangle!

Cheshire is basically a wealth hotspot, with several affluent areas. I have an extreme soft spot for the county. Modern, fun and super close to Manchester (46 minutes in car) and Liverpool (50 minutes in car). You can see how many are itching to get back to dating. I also planned to live in Manchester, and see my friends in Cheshire all throughout the week/weekend. Thus is how the areas interact. I didn’t necessarily believe I needed friends in Manchester though obviously I would have built a larger social circle over time. Every year Cheshire’s population is growing! It is a highly attractive area to young people. You can go to the more urban areas, venture to the peak district, or explore local greenland. Once restrictions ease of course!

So, how do people Meet Cheshire Singles? Most individuals are going online, it’s not taboo to meet someone online in Cheshire. It is quite liberal. Currently, it would still be wise to proceed with caution. The Cheshire police recently fined a group of boys found breaching quarantine restrictions. A couple was also recently fined for a clown photoshoot which took place on a bridge. So into order to ensure free dating, and not face a fine from a diligent force. Maybe keep all the correspondence online until all this coronavirus eases.

Some of the attractions Cheshire has to offer | Source: Gibbon Fitzgerald

The reason why police forces are being vigilant is simple. The UK does not want to experience another wave of coronavirus which can be seen in country like Switzerland which eased lockdown restrictions in January. This is all the reason why we should all seek out avenues do commicate which are not face to face. As hard and tempting as that may be in light of eased restrictions.

Start with messages, if you’re comfortable progress to videos and/or facetime. You can wait until numbers drop low enough to meet, remember only two households should ideally be mixing. Keep safe and I do hope we can all enjoy a great summer. Cheshire saw its highest surge this January which shows we really do want to mix with each other. The numbers have dwindled to around 3000 a day, but that is still quite high! All the more reason to keep the vulnerable safe.

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