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Crisis after crisis, botched figures influencing statistics, near state of emergency… The NHS finds itself trying to operate as a business when quite obviously to all it is just a bottomless money pit. A utopian idea, being pulled one way or another back to the savagery of profit and cost saving. Thomas Jefferson once said ‘Those who desire justice must do justice’ and this is true of the NHS. The best things in life are free: Sex. Love. And the NHS.

Current government policy seems to be to fund the NHS by selling off most of it over 10year deals tying the hands of anybody seeking to undo the demolition of one of the only things I believe as a British citizen that we have to be proud of.

For too long Pharmaceutical companies have been exploiting the nature of the NHS
increasing basic drug prices 3000% in one case, essentially exploiting the Taxpayer. Billions are invested every year in the NHS only for a % to be filtered away on inflated products, or legal action.

What is needed to save the NHS is a funding plan that can actually generate wealth and legislation to prevent the NHS being sued for an individual error. Imagine if a % of the funding was invested into the very pharmaceuticals and manufacturers’ that have made so much off the back of the NHS. Perhaps 10% stake NHS owned in one of these companies would easily start some money coming in. 10% stakes in all suppliers would I imagine make the NHS a top earner and running as a nonprofit organisation. Future investments would pay and NHS conditions would improve. I may be totally wrong but my point is, if people truly want to save the NHS it will take real passion and imagination, which I believe most in government to be lacking.

Accountability is a word that sends shudders through government ministers, hence the swift lean towards privatisation. I say take it away from them and let the NHS be the champion of health and also community. Community is the key to freeing up the beds held by the fit and well elderly with nowhere to go. If the NHS invested in schools to educate in good health practice, and universities for research and development, the NHS having a share of any breakthroughs made. Imagine the future savings or even profits made long term.

For a noble cause corrupted and abused by the greed which surrounds it only urgent leftfield solution can save the great NHS. The vultures circle pricing up life caring little, ready to pick your bones whilst you wait 13hours in A+E.


By Tom Owen

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