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The gym, featuring a cold British morning


Source: Mark Daynes

This post was written in January 2022, so the irony of it being a heatwave should be ignored.

It takes a certain level of motivation to get up out of bed and force oneself to dress, get ready and once again go to the gym. Unfortunately, I go through this at least three times a week. As the years go by, it has not got any easier. Seven days into 2022, the gyms are already packed with New Year’s resolutioners hoping to make fitness progress. According to Bloomberg’s 2019 City Lab, the January spike in gym activity is a natural phenomenon that only dwindles in the following weeks. The popularized Gym January Rush has been said to waiver as personal determination dwindles each passing month.

Why? Excluding last year, when the gyms were sporadically opening and closing due to lockdown restrictions. A nightmare! In the United Kingdom (UK), January is cold. And I mean icy. So the temperature gradually drops from December, with February seeing periods of snow. When snow does fall, usually the country comes to a slight standstill, with the government advising only to go out when necessary. So if you had wanted a reason not to go to the gym, well, you just got one! Things tend to get better temperature-wise in middle March with the arrival of spring. Cold weather and gym clothing don’t tend to go so well; I face this fact regularly.

But even with the cold weather, no one has ever said they regret going to the gym and making healthy life choices. This is why you need to motivate yourself, build discipline and prepare yourself as best as possible for any future ailments or obstacles down the road. To someone living in Alaska, the UK isn’t cold at all. 

By Shaneka Knight

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