Just a bit overwhelmed
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Unlikely. No I’m joking. I am trying to come back but I am super tired. No any random friend reading this, I do not want to hire you. I need to re-find my motivation. Wayyyyy too much partying. I’m usually sharp again by Wednesday. I like to think I only party for one day on the weekend but yeee let’s just leave it there.

Today, I woke up and knew I was supposed to see the magnificent Zain after work. He’s doing such amazing things, I want to hear all about the new collection, his new NFT, I want to show him this place. But, I won’t lie. I was so tired I was hoping we could meet when he’s back in London (whenever that is). The magnificent Zain has abided. I’m also pretty much re relationshipped. Or am I? With someone I really really like, it’s going really really well (come va? porco dio, enjoy the submarine) <– this is a private joke to him. He moved into his new UK accommodation yesterday, very proud on him as I know the whole process was nerve wracking. But honestly I’m not good at this stuff, so I won’t get my hopes up.

There’s a vegan who is loitering around my Instagram. If you have allowed this person to access my content, I don’t know what to say. Maybe leave me alone? I’ve exited a difficult situation this year so I won’t be intimidated by a clown. Feminism where? It’s unacceptable to attack women just because you presume I am dealing with you fb. All my friends have been made aware and if need be it will escalate. I’ve been told to report this chick to the police. Shaniqua is dealing with a similar situation and honestly, women deserve better. I beg, we are not in competition… we can all make it.

I need to update Joe and Eric on my living situation, kinda glad I pushed the group chat back by a month why? I don’t feel like I have anything good to say so what’s the point. Updated Joe that I want him to meet this young man in person, seems only right if you respect someone. Haven’t said a word to Fitzgerald, infact fitzie wants a chat and I been avoiding. Fitzie, not sure if my blog is still your homepage but we shall speak soon, I adore you my love.

I want Georgie to be more involved, and I want us to all to team meet in Monaco, before going to see Kobi’s Isle of Wright developments. I’ve told Eric not to come back, and I would have told Zain the same too. One of my closest friends is about to get married, another is buying property in Norwich. I need to see them. I have friends who intend to go travelling (unwise) I need to see them. William Lim, you have become a very very dear friend to me. Jake Chivers, you’ve been my best friend since I was 4. Jack Stewart, keep Jack Stewarting, you protect this nation and Noor Miah, I am so glad you’re back in my life.

I need to decide when I can go to Northern Ireland, Armenia, Gaziantep, America, Russia. I am unlikely to get all of this time off work. I also want lots and lots of time for myself. Sakhi has been my guardian angel and has said I never need to walk into the property I was attacked in alone. I need to schedule a time to move everything out and then treat her, to the best days and nights she every experiences. My father, my God, you are me, and I am you, I will give you everything in this life and beyond. You have never asked for a thing, I never ask anything of you, but as you age, it will ALWAYS be provided. I will work myself to death so you never have to worry.

I need to set up a Venmo to send Kyle some money, not even gonna lie I didn’t know people used Venmo!

I now split my time between London and Surrey and I mean that very literally. When I came back from Cardiff two weeks ago, I went straight to Islington before returning to Surrey. 7 hours…. total travel time, yeah UK infrastructure isn’t great. Meanwhile, I went back to Welwyn a few months ago, yeah this girl loves the garden city.

Need to order some new trees. I have so much to do. And, to put them into the ground. I’m hardly reading and I feel lost at work. I’m growing no herbs or veg for the first time since Loughborough. I didn’t know how a global system which stores client data has to consider multiple data regimes. OMGGGG so today at 12:06 I called one client (a whole goddamn company) the wrong name, then to solidify that I was on the ball I did the same thing again at 12:48 with another company. Haven’t done it since but yeah, Monday is going really well… I then forgot what a stock market cap is. Either way, not fired and there is some very very cool technology in the works.

I need to go and see Chester, god I miss that dog, and the rest of the famo. Michelle had to see London alone :/ I need to meet with Shaniqua, Alaina, Natalia, and make sure we end the year on the best note. Bear with me. Robin (both robins) the astrophysicst and the nuclear engineer, do not underestimate how much I respect you.

Nuard, life goes on and you’re an angel! We move <3

And most of all, I need to focus on this platform and how you’ve changed my life. So please know, I’m trying, and I will be back. I just always have something going on. I don’t know bout the 400,000+ emails but i’m on my way back. Bear with me!

Shaneka Knight

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