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Quarantine made me realise… [Self Reflection]


Finish this sentence. This time you will be doing a self reflection on your past year, a turbulent year. One which will be the focus of many classroom lessons and documentaries for years to come. But how has it been for you?

Each of us will have experiences over quarantine which bond us. That may be frustration with the way the government decided to handle the pandemic, job stress, boredom, or in the worst cases death. Reflect on your year. If you have a journal write down how you’ve been feeling.

If a journal isn’t for you, think it through. You may even find this a great conversation for friends, spouses and/or colleagues. If you do decide to reflect on this in a group remember to give people the space to express themselves. Don’t push them towards thinking a certain away.

At the very least let people have their ground to speak in a post quarantine world.

Happy reflecting!

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