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Have you been healthy this quarantine? [Self Reflection]


How healthy have you been this quarantine? Has your health fallen to the wayside?

Firstly, what is health? and what does it mean to be ‘healthy’? For the sake of this self reflection post we are going to say health is the state of being free of illness and, being in good mental/physical condition. Therefore, running three times a week or only meditating may not work. A more holistic approach will probably be necessary.

Have you become familiarized with your body? Are you more irritable when dehydrated, do certain foods make you more sluggish in body and mind? Are you overindulging in drink and alcohol?

For me, health has nothing to do with size. I went to Loughborough University and they have argued against the BMI scale in favor of waist size. I also recognise that health simply means different things to different people.

It is never too late to get back on top off things. Do you have too much on your plate? Just talk yourself through this mentally.

This self reflection post is best done alone. You can easily begin to feel as though you aren’t doing enough if you compare yourself to others. Your health is ultimately a private matter.

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