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Trying to find Senior love during Lockdown


For those who have been single since the beginning of quarantine, times haven’t been easy. Spending time on social media may even be exacerbating your loneliness. Don’t worry, many people can relate and/or are sympathetic to your plights. The UK was first sent into a national lockdown late March 2020, again in late summer, and then again in 2021. The government even tried a borough based system, but it had many faults, namely a traveling population. Realistically, this year also may be filled with lockdowns and ease outs until the population has been vaccinated. Even then, it is a rush against time, with scientists and pretty much all of the population hoping that this virus doesn’t mutate again.

The UK is in an every lasting lockdown | Source: Matt Seymour

Some unsavory sources ask, why is the UK in lockdown but other countries which were worse off have eased out? That is not the question my friend. This not a time for global comparisons and anguish, we need to change that attitude. No one is lucky, peoples lives have changed. Many people have lost spouses, families members and friends. We need to ask, what can I do to help. We all play a role, so this post will focus on how you singles can navigate this difficult time.

A mixed group | Source: Alexis Brown

Access Dating Agencies/Professionals

If you have been struggling to navigate the dating world by yourself then potentially you would benefit from having someone from the outside step in and help you. There is absolutely no shame in this route. Millionaire Matchmaker used to be my favourite show, and she did get quite a few more people married than tv shows such as the Bachelorette.

If you live in the midlands, for example, you could access a Nottinghamshire dating site, and/or, dating agency Nottinghamshire which makes dating and meeting people easier for people in the local vicinity. Remember, right now in the middle of a health pandemic, no dating professional would advice for you to shun the guidelines and meet. However, they are preparing for this situation to end so it may be of aid to you to reach out to them now.

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Source: Anthony Tran

No one would look down on you for going to a professional to sell your house, to plan an outbuilding, or to cut your hair. So why not at least look into this route. Matchmakers used to be a very popular route for people venturing into dating a few decades ago but with the rise of apps, they died down in popularity. It seems they are becoming popular again.

Don’t forget, people are sympathetic to your plight and many are hoping everything goes back to normal so they can date as they once did. Remember, we have no idea what the future may bring. Potentially this will be the normal. So go with the flow and take life as it comes, we have no other choice really.

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