Family Time After Lockdown. Afternoon Tea Anyone?


Lockdown has been strenuous for families, let alone friendship groups. In order to keep safe, many haven’t met for months. Some are still unclear of when they will be able to meet. With many holding out in hope that this year a vaccine will change everything.

But what about after lockdown? The time has come where we can begin to think ahead, maybe not as far as to our next travel destination. But at least as far as our next family activity. How about Afternoon tea?

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The History of Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea is a relatively new British custom. Whilst in China it dates back for thousands of years, in Britain it only became popular from the mid 19th century. Summarised, a period between lunch and dinner which became fashionable amongst the upper class and society women usually served in the drawing room.

Traditionally, Afternoon Tea consisted of dainty sandwiches, clotted cream, and preserves. Teas, usually from India or Sri Lanka, were poured into bone china cups.

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Modern Day Afternoon Tea

Today, it is unlikely that you will be hosting an Afternoon Tea in your drawing room. It is now reserved as a more formal arranged event than partaken on a whim. But you can nonetheless experience Afternoon Tea. Many hotels, restaurants, and cafes offer afternoon tea in london.

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1. The Palm Court at The Ritz

Isn’t the Ritz always so amazing. With a great history, the first restaurant to admit women alone. The Ritz would be a great choice for a family day out post quarantine. It might be pricey but go out with a bang.

The Ritz offer 18 varieties of loose leaf teas, and is the only hotel in the UK to have its own Tea Sommelier, Giandomenico Scanu, who travels the world to various tea plantations searching for the best flavours.

Afternoon Tea prices start at £50.

Indoor Pool at The Ritz Carlton | Source: Sofi Layla

2. The Plump Room Bristol

Why not try a Bristolian Champagne Afternoon Tea. The plump room is also known for its amazing food so you could make a whole afternoon of it. Historically a lodging house, this place has climbed the social ladder.

Afternoon Tea costs £34.50 per person.

3. Aqua Shard

Want a fun filled Afternoon Tea. Check out Aqua Shard, you can choose to go to an Afternoon Tea themed after one of your favorite films.

Prices start from £52.

My experience serving tea

Alas, you’re speaking to someone who has experience working in this area of hospitality. Yes, I served tea in the glitzy lights of Mayfair and guess what, I loved it. One of the best hospitality jobs. I worked in the Ritz’ private events department whilst at University. The whole environment can be very calming. Firstly, you’re in what was once a space reserved for royals, only recently in the last decade or so opened up to the public. You get unlimited tea for a period of time. And, you experience top end hospitality. I recommend.

Ask any member of staff for a brief snippet of history, they will laugh and begin.

Now you know a little more on the history of Afternoon Tea. Maybe when Coronavirus has passed and you feel safe venturing out again you will consider Afternoon Tea.

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