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Creativity is important for bloggers, writers, influences, marketers, and a range of different occupations. Try and think now, off the top of your head. How many occupations draw upon creativity to aid success? Numerous, so don’t wear yourself out.

There are literally no boundaries to what is achievable when it comes to creativity. With thinking out of the box, being favored in nearly every situation. For the purpose of this article, creativity will be synonymous with inventiveness, bringing imagination to life, and the ability to create unusual/original ideas.

Why is Creativity Important

  1. Become a better problem solver
  2. Live more easily with uncertainty
  3. Broaden the mind
  4. Broaden your skillsets
  5. Develop collective and individual thinking
  6. Bond with others
  7. Developing business avenues

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 Creativity & My Life

Without Creativity, much of my life would be bland. As a projects assistant, I may be tasked with creating a poster to advertise a new project. Whilst on a project, I may be expected to participate fully. Maybe creating a piece of art with participants and I never behave halfheartedly just because I can. In both situations, my creativity is utilised differently. When blogging, I may be more interested in something which will have to stand out on a timeline. When making cards for family and friends, I am trying to convey love. But nonetheless, the overall aims stay constant.

Create a piece of work that is eye catching. Create a piece of work which will be shared with other people. Create a piece of work which moves someone in one way or another.


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Who are Design Bundles?

Design bundles was formed in 2016 with the aim to create a digital marketplace where you can find digital design assets for all project needs. As of today, they have an inventory of over 150,000 products, and it is ever growing. You can access, bundles, graphics, mock-ups, fonts, svg images, patterns, and illustrations, now at a large discount.

One of the biggest draws to Design Bundles has to be the price. Extremely affordable, there is virtually no risk for those who know what they are doing. For those who are in unfamiliar territory, Design Bundles have a whole section dedicated to teaching you how to best use the downloads.

When have you have a product in mind which you would like to create, you can use the marketplace to elevate the execution of the product. Below, some ways to make and elevate your design needs will be outlined.

How to use Design Bundles?

I will start with an example. The Mega Bundle comes with a School Bundle, a Teachers Bundle, a Wedding Bundle and a Botanical Bundle. In total, The Mega Bundle comprises of 18 other individual bundle. Respectively, the School Bundle by itself costs £2.95, whilst the Botanical Bundle costs £3.69.  The price for the Mega Bundle is £14.01, meaning the price of each bundle drops below half when you buy it as part of the bundle deal. Pretty good deal especially if you’re looking to save some money during lockdown.

Once you have purchased your bundle, it will be downloaded to you computer as an SVG file. Depending on the software you have, you may need to extract the file before being able to use effectively. Make sure to remember where you save your file extraction as this is what you will be working with. Once on your computer begin working in Adobe, Silhouette Studio, Canva, or whichever platform you prefer. If you find you are confused once you have downloaded the product, the Design Bundles website has a great section on the website with a variety of tutorials which may aid you.

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It should be noted, that bundles and packages are only available for certain amounts of time e.g. the Christmas Craft bundle says it is expired, however this simply means it is not being pushed at the moment, if you click on the link you will see you can still purchase the product.

All products can be used for commercial use, all fonts are pua encoded, and the website keeps your purchases secure. Therefore, even if you move systems and start working on another computer, all you have to do is log back in and redownload. They also have 24 hour support willing to help you with any queries. Below, a few ways you can use your bundles will be highlighted.

A few ways to use your Design Bundles

Event Invitations | Children & Adults

One way to make the most use of the bundles available is to use them for event invitations. These could range from children’s party invitations to a post quarantine dinner party. Maybe an extremely formal zoom call invitation. It really doesn’t matter. The fact you made the invitation yourself will only impress your guests, friends and or colleagues even more! This option can be completed digitally, via post or in hand.

Cards | Birthday, Christmas, Anniversaries, Random

Once you have purchased the bundle, it is yours for life. So why not think of a hand out option which comes around more often than event invitations. In this case, that would be a card. There are numerous yearly occasions which warrant giving someone a card. Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, Easter, maybe the upcoming Valentines day? Once again, it will be the fault that counts. This option can be completed digitally, via post or in hand.

Stickers | Business & Personal

If you go to the templates part of the website, you will be able to purchase the stickers mock up for £1.49, cheaper than a ride on the London tube. More than affordable. Sadly, I don’t have a stick maker. But I could see how this could be ultra fun.


Creativity should be honed in any way it can be. From this post you have discovered a multitude of ways in which Design Bundles can aid you in taking your career and personal life to the next step. But this post should only stand as the starting point, what other projects can Design Bundles be utilised for? Let us know!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch and share some of the designs you created after being inspired by reading this post.

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