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The State of Dating in 2020 

2020 started off on a good note. Think back, you probably had big plans for the year. You were going to progress professionally, take on a new hobby, take your romantic life to another level, and let’s be real. You had plans and now you are unsure of when they will commence. Some will, many won’t.

If you’ve been dating for a few years, then you would know that dating in 2020 has been a little more testing. The norm has changed a little. From government guidelines on who can go where, to which businesses are allowed to open, to how many people can make up a support bubble. 2020 wasn’t the best year for those trying to go with the flow or take it easy. We can thank COVID-19 (Coronavirus) for all of this.

Covid-19| halting global plans

I know exactly what changed all of your plans. Or maybe put them on hold, Coronavirus. It is now believed the United Kingdom (UK) experienced it’s first deaths in January.
From late March, the UK was going into its first lockdown. A government initiative last enforced during World War 2. By July, certain parts of the country were exiting lockdown. And by this time, the government had already pushed on with its programs to re-boost the economy such as Eat Out to Help Out.


Local dating sites e.g. dating agency Wiltshire, experienced a rise in memberships. With so many people returning to the West Country even searches for a Wiltshire dating site increased.

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Following European Trends

From August, across Europe coronavirus infection rates began to rise. Sadly, this correlated directly with European governments relaxing lockdown measures. Borders, clubs, restaurants, cinemas, bars, libraries, etc were opened. Support bubbles allowed to mix, and stigma towards going out lessened.
The UK followed the same trend. In October, Boris Johnson made the decision to once again put the country back in lockdown. In November, the tier system was put into place.

Has the dating app industry won or lost?

Initially, it seemed as though the dating industry had lost. With a respiratory virus killing at an alarming rate, why would people meet up. But as time is going on, it seems as though in the long run the dating apps will benefit.
These lockdowns should be seen as mini hiatus periods from dating.

So, what could Dating 2021 be like?

1. Outdoor dates. Sadly, it looks as though coronavirus. The respiratory virus which has halted the world as we know it. Doesn’t look to be going away. Therefore, dates where you can adequately distance yourself from others in parks and potentially large gardens are ideal.

2. Advodating. It seems there is a rise in individuals meeting through activism and movements which have captivated them.

3. Taking it slow. Only a certain number of fools rush out to meet multiple people in an environment where COVID-19 is still present. Understand, that this is set to change as the vaccine is rolled out.

4. Long Distance Relationships. The cultivation of relationships overlong distances is expected to rise.

Realistically, just like in 2020 we need to be prepared that 2021 is going to provide new obstacles and new opportunities for past problems to be solved.

Whilst we are on the verge of a vaccine which seems to be bringing this whole pandemic to an end, the EU is closing its doors upon the UK. So know there are more things to come. Perhaps long term relationships will be tested for a second year.

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