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The United Kingdom (UK) has been through a turbulent process, in late March the UK and its first lockdown due to COVID-19 otherwise known as coronavirus. In June some parts of the country came out of lockdown.

In October the country was thrown into lockdown again, like the first time only essential services were open and restaurants could no longer have seat customers. It is now December, and on the 3rd some parts of the country will be allowed to connect in small groups, other parts of the Country, will remain in lockdown.

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Dorset and Coronavirus

Like most of the UK Dorset was also affected by COVID-19. Five schools in Dorset have already confirmed that students have contacted the virus, one school has temporarily closed.

As of this week, the numbers affected people per 100,000 is 56 down from just over 100. So thankfully, Dorset is on a good recovery path. But what does the future hold for Dorset dating?

Dating in Dorset 2020

Unlike in other years for Dorset dating, individuals could no longer simply go onto a dating site/app, match with somebody and meet them without fearing the consequences. The repercussions of the 2020 lockdown period will be felt far into the future. In the same way that the economic repercussions on the British taxpayer will probably be felt for the next decade.

Whilst there has obviously been a downturn in dates, and interest in romance. At some point, the Dorset dating industry will recover again so what would it look like. Below we examine some predictions of what dating will be like post coronavirus.

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What could dating look like post coronavirus?

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People will be cautious

Rightfully, people will be cautious. It was only in 2020 that an unprecedented amount of people were affected by a deadly respiratory virus.

Most people are still hoping that COVID-19 won’t affect the population in 2021 therefore it should be expected that a certain number of people will proceed extremely cautiously. Don’t give them a hard time, and don’t take it to heart!

More video chats

We have no idea how many more lockdown situations we have to go through. For all we know we are still in the early days of solving COVID-19. It is very likely that video chats will function greatly in our future, dating and romantic lives. Best to get comfortable now 🙂

Dating will be cheaper

It is now unlikely that you and your partner will simply fly away on a two week vacation. Even making far away bookings for the future is becoming less and less. So let’s embrace cheaper dates. Less spas, more walks in the park.

Some may not date at all

Whilst caution may be enough for some, the fear that you may still catch a deadly virus may still put many people off dating. Potentially the benefits simply don’t outweigh the risks. This is an assessment you have to make in your own life.

Hopefully this article will aid you in your search for love in Dorset and/or surrounding areas, and also having you thinking more realistically about future prospects.

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