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Covid-19 & Nottingham

As of right now many countries across the globe have been thrown into a situation where they’ve at one point or another gone into lockdown due to Covid-19, otherwise known as Coronavirus.

Before 2020 these situations were only experienced in war or extreme pandemics. So many populations, especially in Europe, struggled to adhere to this new way of living. Even if it was for their own best.

The United Kingdom (UK) first went into lockdown late March. In June, this lockdown was relaxed in certain parts of the country, though other parts (e.g. Leicester) stayed in Lockdown.

The UK Conservative government led by Boris Johnson pushed a number of programs to try and boost the economy (Eat Out to Help Out) but still the country fell into recession. In late October, the country was pushed back into a lockdown to due to rising Covid-19 infection rates.

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From the 3rd of December much of the countries lockdowns will relax. There has been some speculation that this is purely to boost the economy over the Christmas period.

Nottingham Today

Nottingham is a county in Central England which will be moved to Tier 3 this December. This means, indoor entertainment will be closed, pubs/restaurants closed other than for collection/delivery, and no indoor or outdoor household mixing. Nottingham isn’t the only place to experience this, most of its neighbours in the East Midlands have also been assigned to Tier-3.

So how can Nottinghamshire singles date? Some people who may have sidelined dating early lockdown are craving human interactions with many wanting to take steps to begin dating again.

You have to realise although there are many restrictions in place regarding movement. It’s not impossible to date. Below, are a few ideas which will aid people Nottinghamshire dating this upcoming December and thereafter.

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Use local dating sites

Due to Covid-19 we now live in an environment where we are all at risk of contracting, and falling ill/spreading a virus which has already had global effects. For this reason alone, when looking for someone to date steer clear of searching overseas as we are unsure when these relationships which truly become feasible again.

Have Fun

What’s the use doing something if you can’t reap the good, or atlesst see the silver lining. Try not to be sour, many plans may fall through. People’s whole lives have been turned upside down.

Manage your expectations

Not everyone who is using dating sites will be seeking to meet right away. Try to keep in mind that many of these people haven’t seen their friends/colleagues/and, or certain colleagues for a number of months.

Video Chat

If you’re in a Tier 3 location you may be fined if it is found you met up with someone. So avoid this, especially if you are caring for an at risk individual. All possibilities of catching the virus are reduced when you video chat from the comfort of your own home.

Try to distance from others

There is still a deadly virus which is currently killing people. Therefore, proceed accordingly wear a mask and try to keep away from others.

So if you are pushed to date, don’t forget there are things you can do to keep safe!

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